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Sutamyeon 수타면

Handmade thick noodles from white wheat flour used in jJajangmyeon is called Sutamyeon.

You can buy Korean noodle online here.

Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery market
It is difficult to find noodles that taste exactly like ones served at Korean Chinese Restaurants in Korea. But, you can find similar noodles in frozen format. Usually it's usually labeled as Udon-Jjajang (우동 짜장) noodles or JungWhaMyeon (중화면). I've seen it labeled as "Oriental or Korean Style Vermicelli" in English (although this is a very broad and inaccurate term).

Local Korean grocery market

You can buy Korean noodle online here.

You can use udon noodles or kalguksu noodles. Also, you can make your own noodles with wheat flour. See instructions here.
How to Measure: 
1 serving = 250 g uncooked
Nutrition and Health Facts: 
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