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Cheongju, Korean Rice Wine 청주

Cheongju (literally "clear liquor") is a traditional Korean wine made of rice. It is It is consumed as a alcoholic beverage but also often used in Korean cooking in marinades, sauces and seasonings. It has a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. People usually drink it cold in spring and summer and warm in fall and winter.

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery store or Korean liquor store
You can try Japanese cold sake or regular white wine. Soju can work although it doesn't have the hint of sweetness. pale dry sherry, Gin or dry white wine. If unavailable, a good quality pale dry sherry makes an acceptable substitute. Dry sherry is preferable to sake (the Japanese rice wine) which has a sweeter flavor than Korean rice wines.Avoid using the "cooking liquor" or "cooking wine" that is available at regular supermarkets as a substitute for rice wine unless absolutely necessary - these have a lower alcohol content and do not have the same flavor as rice wine.
How to Measure: 
Use measuring spoons and cups. 1 cup = 250ml 1/3 cup = 80ml 1 tbs = 15ml 1 tsp = 5ml 1/2 tsp = 2ml 1/4 tsp = 1ml
Keep in room temperature. Avoid sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated.