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Mixed grains (multigrain) 잡곡

Like multigrain bread, multigrain rice is much healthier than plain white rice. For this reason, many Koreans eat multigrain rice with their meals. In korean, it's called "Japgokbap" meaning mixed grain rice. There is no one formula for what grains you have to use but Koreans usually mix 5-10 different grains. Brown rice, brown sweet rice, black rice, barley, black pea, white pea, red bean, sorghum, millet, Job's tears, buckwheat, kidney bean, white cowpea and wild sweet rice are examples of grains Korean enjoy. Often Koreans mix these grains with plain white rice because white rice gives a nice smooth texture and stickiness that other grains lack.

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery market
Use brown rice or regular white rice.
How to Measure: 
1 cup of grains serves 2 people
Place it in a sealed container or bag and keep it in cool (10ºC ~ 15ºC ) and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Soak overnight (at least 3 hours) before cooking
Learn how to cook multigrain rice:
cooking multigrain rice in a rice cooker
cooking multigrain rice in a pot

Nutrition and Health Facts: 
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