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Jujube or Red Date (Dried) 대추

104kcal (100g)
Key Nutrients: 
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Jujube (red date also known as Chinese date, Korean date or Indian date) has been an important fruit in Korea, used as a snack and traditional medicine. The freshly harvested ones are usually eaten as medicine rather than fruits to alleviate stress or to prevent aging. However, eating too many unripe jujubes can make you sick! Dried jujubes are more popular in Korea used to make teas, snacks, jam and ginseng chicken soup(“samgyetang”).

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery store
You can use fruits of Chinese matrimony vine to replace jujube, but it would be easier to find jujubes.
How to Measure: 
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Seal and keep in the freezer (-20ºC ~ 0ºC ).

Wash throughly.

image: nopic250.png

Dry with kitchen towel.

image: nopic250.png

Nutrition and Health Facts: 

Niacin 0.80mg
Sodium 2.00mg
Protein 3.20g
Glucide 24.80g
Retinol 0.00μg
β O Carotene10.00μg
Vitamin A 2.00μgRE
Vitamin B1 0.05mg
Vitamin B2 0.14mg
Vitamin B6 0.09mg
Vitamin C 0.00mg
Vitamin E 0.89mg
Dietary Fiber 3.94g
Zinc 0.05mg
Folic Acid 55.00μg
Phosphorus 55.00mg
Lipid 0.50g
Iron 1.00mg
Potassium 374.00mg
Calcium 25.00mg
Cholesterol 0.00mg
Ash 0.80g
(of 100 grams of jujubes)


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