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Fishcake, Eomuk or Odeng 어묵(오뎅)

140 kcal (100g)
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Fishcake is called "eomuk" or "odeng" (a wrong expression derived from Japanese word, "oden") in Korea. It is a processed seafood product made of ground white fish and other ingredients such as potato starch, sugar and vegetables. In Korea, fishcake is one of the popular ingredients, used for soup ("eomuk-tang"), side dish ("eomuk-bokkeum") and kimbap (Korean style maki). Especially, "eomuk-tang", served on a skewer in broth, is a very popular street food along with ddukbokgi, which people of all ages love. The traditional Korean fishcake is thin and rectangular shaped, but alternative shapes and flavours are also available these days.

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery store
If you are using it for soup, you may be able to use fish or seafood to replace fishcake.
How to Measure: 
1 sheet = about 30g
Seal and keep in the refrigerator (1ºC ~ 5ºC ) until the expiry date.

Blanch in boiling water to remove oil (Optional).

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Nutrition and Health Facts: 

Niacin 0.30mg
Sodium 749.00mg
Protein 11.80g
Glucide 17.70g
Retinol 0.00μg
β O Carotene 0.00μg
Vitamin A 0.00μgRE
Vitamin B1 0.01mg
Vitamin B2 0.02mg
Vitamin B6 0.27mg
Vitamin C 0.00mg
Vitamin E 1.00mg
Dietary Fiber 0.00g
Zinc 0.26mg
Folic Acid 1.90μg
Phosphorus 88.00mg
Lipid 2.30g
Iron 0.90mg
Potassium 123.00mg
Calcium 58.00mg
Cholesterol 14.00mg
Ash 2.60g
(of 100 grams of fishcake)


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