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Cooked Rice 밥

Korean enjoy rice almost every meal. Koreans eat short grain rice or sticky rice (also called Japanese rice or sushi rice). See below to learn how to cook rice
cooking white rice in a pot
cooking white rice in a rice cooker
cooking multigrain rice in a rice cooker
cooking multigrain rice in a pot

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Sourcing & Selecting

You can buy uncooked rice from grocery store. Asian grocery stores usually carry short grain rice (also called sticky rice, sushi rice) which Koreans and Japanese eat. Not all western grocery markets have this kind. You can buy instant cooked rice from Korean markets. They come in 1 serving plastic container you can microwave for 2 minutes.
You can use other types of rice (e.g., long grain or jasmine) but the texture and taste will not be the same as Korean rice. Also, it may not work for certain dishes that require stickiness of Korean rice.
How to Measure: 
1/2 cup of uncooked rice makes 1 serving of cooked rice (about 1 cup).
The best way to store cooked rice is to freeze them in a tightly sealed bag. If you don't have a big family you can freeze them in small portions. Then, you can microwave it for a few minutes as needed. To make sure rice doesn't dry up when reheated, place the frozen rice in a bowl, sprinkle with some water and cover with a lid or a plate when microwaving it.


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